Dear friend,

I want to thank you for showing interest in this opportunity.

I have a team coming to Malaysia in the immediate future. You will be advised of the day, time and place of that meeting.

Individuals will be placed in the organization on a first come… first served basis. The time and date of your response has been recorded. Your early response puts you in a favourable position.

I would recommend you begin preparing a list of individuals you can invite to that meeting and they will placed in your organization.

I am certain you will be very pleased with the system and support I have prepared for you. You will very quickly realize this is no ordinary opportunity. I personally believe the universe loves speed. We plan to move fast.

I have also sent you a copy of my wife Linda’s book; “Earn It and Enjoy It” – which I thoroughly recommend you not only read, but study and understand, in preparation for success.

I am holding an image of success for you.


Bob Proctor